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What to expect from your visit to East Mountain Acupuncture

A first visit to East Mountain Acupuncture includes a comprehensive intake, using various diagnostic techniques specific to Traditional Chinese Medicine. This could include questions about your main complaint, your past health history, your lifestyle and any recent treatments and recommendations made by your physician or other health care providers. A careful evaluation of this information and of other physical signs and symptoms will lead to an initial Chinese medical diagnosis, which will guide your acupuncture treatment, as well as herbal or nutritional treatment.

Next, you will lie comfortably on a massage table, either face up or face down, while very thin needles are deftly inserted into various acupuncture points. The sensations from these needles can include some tingling, spreading warmth, heaviness, mild pricking or no sensation whatever. Generally, once the needles have been inserted, these sensations fade, and you will feel deeply relaxed. Some patients fall asleep during their 20-30 minutes on the table. At the end of this time, needles are removed. Before you leave, we may give you an herbal formula , nutritional advice or supplements to build on the changes put into motion from your acupuncture treatment.

For adults, this initial visit generally lasts 90 minutes; for children 10 and younger it is one hour. Follow-up visits last 60 minutes for adults and 30 minutes for children. Herbal consults without an acupuncture treatment for either adults or children are 60 minutes for the first visit, 30 minutes for the follow-ups. At the end of your first visit, we will suggest an appropriate schedule for follow-up visits, and will tell you how many visits we think you will need.

It is of the utmost importance to us that you feel comfortable during your treatment at East Mountain Acupuncture. You will always be treated with compassion and consideration, and we will make every effort to answer your questions fully, as well as to address any concerns you may have about your condition or your treatment. As practitioners, we are committed to helping you get the most out of your experience with Chinese Medicine.

Please consult our Rates and Scheduling information page.

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